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  • Making Strides to Success - So, JCM Rises from the ashes despite being buried metaphorically from COVID-19. We are working on a new home project for a 100 AMP Service Upgrade. I just finished the permits and mailed them out. See, even though we are all under this lock down, we can still find ways to help you out with […]
  • The Light At The End Of The Tunnel -
  • Keep Faith - During this ordeal, it can be very discouraging to think about whats going on. We are here to help though make things a little less stressful for you. Our contractors are here to help you anyway possible. Let us worry about the home issues such as electrical, HVAC, Handyman services and more. Just give us […]
  • Quarantine 2020 -
  • Coronavirus in the JCM world - I know this is a horrible time for the entire world. We are all scared. We are all confused. We are all influenced by the media/news. But, I can reassure you, our company is still here taking all the precautions for your safety as well as ours. I personally may be working from home to […]
  • Friday the 13th; making strides to greatness - So, today in our world of JCM Home Services, we were taking the moments to laugh at ourselves at bloopers from filming our commercials/interviews. We had Kim Nelson here for any interview while we had an awesome pic of Jason Vorhees in the background, LOL. We don’t see this day as a day of unluckiness. […]
  • 41 Locker St. - So, JCM Home Service is investing time, money and hard work into a property at 41 Locker St. Bayville, NJ. Right now our highly skilled professionals are converting the property from oil to gas. Which is such a great upgrade not only for appearance but mainly for Energy Efficiency, This rehab project is going to […]
  • JCM Home Services Commercial -
  • This Is JCM!! - Yesterday, on 03/10/2020, we made history. We had our first meeting as JCM Home Services! If we could have, we would have recreated the scene from 300; “This is JCM!”. Hahaha. All seriousness, it was a great day. Got to meet up with the whole crew. All the aspects of this growing company sat together, […]