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  • Bored In The House… - So day 4,327 of this quarantine ( or at least that’s how it feels). We are here trying to put the pieces together of this new way of living. We can’t leave the house to get milk without a mask gloves and external bubble to roll around in. I’m starting to thinek those hamster’s have […]
  • Community - As our state is slowly but surely entering into new phases of “quarantine”, we all are trying to adjust to the new “norm” of everyday living. We are each faced with now daily dilemmas we never thought we would have to do. Thoughts like ” Is it safe for me to go grocery shopping?” or […]
  • New Steps… - So, as of 05/18/2020, All non-essential construction has lifted the restrictions and business is authorized. Since Monday, we have been seeing a slight pick up on activity. But, there is still a lot of restrictions at hand. This pandemic is still active, people are still being affected by this whole situation drastically. Businesses, offices, state […]
  • That pain in the butt, Coronavirus - What’s up everyone. Your favorite Project Admin here updating you on the world of permits here. Today, for a location in Manahawkin. We were trying to set up a service for this home which is called a DR (Disconnect/Reconnect). This means we have the electric shut off at a property to properly upgrade their service […]
  • Skills, skills, skills - You apply for a job. You go to the location (pre quarantine of course hehe). You see there are many other people there for the same position. You think to yourself: “What do I have that makes me stand out from these people?” The answer is a skill. Everyone has a type of skill they […]
  • Diagrams & Contracts Galore - In the world of Home Services, we have to make sure everything is covered. That means even with little details such as measurements, permits & diagrams. Example; we are working on a home in Toms River at the moment for plans for a future project. We originally were going to be installing a roof ventilator. […]
  • Permits - For some who aren’t aware. My name is Tina and I’m the Project Admin for JCM Home Services. But, do you know what is it that I do? Let me give you a little breakdown of the process. So, a customer gets in contact with our company because they have a home project they want […]
  • Somewhere in Ocean County - We were invited to write an article for some of the local newpapers in Ocean County. Here is the article I wrote. I hope you all enjoy: Somewhere in Ocean County. David Moss sent a group message to his team reading; “OK JCM TEAM-This has been in the making for a few months now. We […]
  • Keep on keeping on - Hey all you cool cats and kittens out there (hehe). How is everyone doing in Ocean County? We hope you are all safe and healthy. Remember, we know this time is very difficult for everyone but we are here if you need us. Got any electrical issue; any outlet failures; hazard problems with wiring; need […]
  • Under Construction -