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  • Keeping The Power - It’s rainy, it’s pouring…. we all have been experience this lately. These storm coming through one after another. Where we can’t look away at the disaster; like Tom Cruise on that couch circa 2005. But, these beautiful monstrous storms cause more and more problems. The main issue that is popping up is lack of power. […]
  • Emergency Calls - So, you have multiple people residing in one area; could be a motel, hotel, multiple family home, anything. The power goes out, and nothing is turning on, the ac is off, the heat is rising, fridge is off, almost all the appliance cant be used… what do you do? You call us that’s what you […]
  • This is Halloween - So, Covid has continued to linger like a dark fog amongst us. But, alas there is some light peeping through. The excitement I see now is people wanting to get a head start on Halloween and other end of summer/fall holidays. Putting up decorations, blow up figures on the front lawn, pumpkins, etc. The one […]
  • Summer Is Almost Over - Summer lovin had me a blast… well not really for us thanks to this pandemic. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during all of this chaos, here at JCM Home Services. Summer is starting to drift away, but people don’t realize issues with your HVAC systems can still occur and bite you […]
  • 2020 - 2020 has been anything but cordial to us (eye roll). With wild fires, election issues, then the Rona kicking more asses than Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse, killer hornets, etc. We are all just emotionally feeling drained; like we did when Glenn was killed off of The Walking Dead (Lucille!). But, the show must go on. […]
  • When Mother Nature Interferes - Life can be a real pain sometimes…. one second we are enjoying our moments with family and friends then BAM, mother nature comes in steel toe boot through the door. Or, in one of our customers’ case, a lightening bolt through the side of their house. We had a seriously detrimental situation for one family. […]
  • We Came We Saw We Did It - We came, we saw, we conquered! So our Grand Opening Day went off without a hitch. We enjoyed the food, music, JERSEYSHORECOUNTRY.COM RADIO with Captain Jack, and everything that day had to offer. We laughed, we shared, we stayed safe with our masks on and our senses on alert. Overall an amazing time (minus my […]
  • Uh Oh, Guess What Day It Is? - No, it’s not hump day…. It’s the Grand Opening of JCM Home Services PARTY!!!! Everything will start at 1pm. Location 451 Atlantic City Blvd. Beachwood, NJ 08722. Please remember to wear a facial covering for your safety and ours. No more than 75 people allowed on property. Food, refreshments, live entertainment from amazing artists, Mister […]
  • One More Day… - It’s so close you can actually taste it (well I would hope not)… Tomorrow is the big day! Our Grand Opening Party. We were a caterpillar known as JCM Electric, LLC. that turned into a bad ass butterfly (that’s right a bad ass butterfly) named JCM Home Services. We are gonna have a great time […]
  • You’re Mad We’re Back, Big Mad - You’re mad I’m back, big mad….. well actually, we would hope you are excited for us to be back. I can tell you we are! JCM Home Services is back from the grave; well, the social coma that is COVID-19. We are kicking it off with a huge celebration. July 3rd, which is only 3 […]