Permits; the blood running through the veins of construction (well not really). They can make or break a project for a home or business simply by not being approved. Some people have filed a permit and feel that once the hassle of that is over they cannot update or make any changes. But, you definitely can. That’s where I come in. Example: we are working on a project that had already established approved permits with another contractor. They have now chosen to work with us (VERY SMART MOVE :D). So, my job is to fill out all the permits again, submit a request for transfer/ contractor update, submit any info regarding equipment, make sure all services are ordered/covered in the township limits such as digging/excavation. I make sure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted, all the ducks in a row. Regarding all the trivial details of a project, here at JCM Home Services, we want the process to be smooth sailing for you. Not to mention, we have amazing deals regarding rebates, just go to our site at and send us your information. Get an estimate done and see what we can do for you. Stay safe & be well.