When things hit the fan they hit hard and before you know it things can feel like they are out of control. Two days ago All of Ocean County was affected by these rare series of strong storms called Derecho Storms. Over half a million people were without power in Southern Jersey alone. Your’s truly was one of them. For us it was a wire issue from the electric poles which were taken care of by JCP&L (Two days later). But for a lot of people the storms damaged their wiring in their homes, outside their houses, their garage doors, their pool areas, many issues along those lines. What are you supposed to do in situations like that? You give your local JCM Home Services a call. We are willing and able to come out and help you in any manner possible regarding your electricity. Our team was and has been very busy since the storm but we are never too busy for another emergency call. Example: A while back, we were approaching our last hour of business. When, Dave got a call that a woman’s power was completely out due to a wiring hazard underneath her mobile home. Dave rushed his electrician over there. I quickly filed the permits needed with the township. And we made sure the woman and her family had power that night within hours. Just call us anytime needed. We will work with you to meet your needs and safety. Stay safe Ocean County.