Sometimes, life just hits you when you least expect it. When the unexpected presents itself. Example, the other day as I was running errands. I realized my tire was flat. So, a tire being flat can cause a major delay in plans and everyday tasks. So I went to a shop and had it repaired. There was someone there to assist me in my dilemma. The unexpected can happen at your home as well. Electrical shortage, Wiring malfunction, Service AMP issues, Air Conditioning breaks on the hottest day of the year; life happens whether you are prepared or not. Well, no sweat because we got this. JCM Home Services is a pro at the unexpected. Our crew is highly trained and eager to assist in any Electrical, HVAC, Handyman, Home Service needed. Just call us at 732-232-1647. Dave, our owner, cares about his customers; your safety is our #1 priority. We can arrange and schedule the proper solution to your issue regarding your home or business. We hope to hear from you soon!