So day 4,327 of this quarantine ( or at least that’s how it feels). We are here trying to put the pieces together of this new way of living. We can’t leave the house to get milk without a mask gloves and external bubble to roll around in. I’m starting to thinek those hamster’s have the right idea with those plastic balls they travel around in. Even our company, JCM Home Services, has had to adjust to the new way of handling projects. We have to make sure things are mailed out since we can’t actually go to the townships. We have to communicate with emails, voicemails, rather than actually meeting up with our customers one on one. We have to set up all different forms of inspections from Facetime usage to pictures and certain scheduled exterior inspections. This has certainly put a damper on our permit flow here. But, alas do not fret Ocean County. We got you covered. We will deal with whatever ordeals we have to in order to help you out. Just give us a call at 732-232-1647 and see how we could help you out today. Now enjoy some time with your family watching TIKTOK videos; I certainly am doing that to pass the time.