As our state is slowly but surely entering into new phases of “quarantine”, we all are trying to adjust to the new “norm” of everyday living. We are each faced with now daily dilemmas we never thought we would have to do. Thoughts like ” Is it safe for me to go grocery shopping?” or ” Will is be OK to have a service performed at my home?” These are very valid questions and concerns. We, at JCM Home Services, completely understand these feelings and thoughts. After all, we each have our own families and loved ones to care for. We are able to come to your house and perform any service needed now since the recent ban was lifted for all non-essential construction. We can assure you, we will provide any and all coverage needed to protect you, your loved ones and ourselves in order to complete a project at your home. If you have a certain request of how you want us to approach being in your home, just give us a call today at 732-232-1647. We can communicate with you and come up with a plan of action that is both reasonable and safe for all involved. We care Ocean County; especially because we are a part of your community. We hope to hear from you soon. Stay safe and be well.