So, as of 05/18/2020, All non-essential construction has lifted the restrictions and business is authorized. Since Monday, we have been seeing a slight pick up on activity. But, there is still a lot of restrictions at hand. This pandemic is still active, people are still being affected by this whole situation drastically. Businesses, offices, state officials still are approaching situations involving construction with hesitation. Example: I wasn’t able to schedule an inspection for a property in Stafford Township due to the Covid-19 restrictions. We here at JCM Home Services completely understand and very compliant with any and all safety precautions for our customers. We can schedule you for a later day if needed. I am here to help in any way. Our contractors will be able to provide safe and efficient work while entering your home and if you feel it can’t be done now we can always schedule you for a later date. We are here for you Ocean County. Stay safe and be well.