What’s up everyone. Your favorite Project Admin here updating you on the world of permits here. Today, for a location in Manahawkin. We were trying to set up a service for this home which is called a DR (Disconnect/Reconnect). This means we have the electric shut off at a property to properly upgrade their service to 200AMP. We used to just be able to call and set it up no problem. Now, due to the pain in the butt, Coronavirus, we have to email, then fill out paperwork, then wait for response, then agree to an appointment time and see how it all pans out. Even though it may be tedious, our company will do anything possible to ensure the job is done but also to ensure your safety through all this. Our boss, Dave, always says ” Health is the most important thing” he has said that even before this pandemic began. We hope you are all doing well and safe during this. Take care and we hope to hear from you soon.