You apply for a job. You go to the location (pre quarantine of course hehe). You see there are many other people there for the same position. You think to yourself: “What do I have that makes me stand out from these people?” The answer is a skill. Everyone has a type of skill they are great at that can make then stand out from the crowd. For me, it’s my customer service skills. I am able to articulate with just about any personality and work through tough scenarios like an irate customer or irrational situation. And I personally feel that there’s a certain difference in comparison with JCM Home Services vs other companies. We have the skills in all aspects. We have amazing contractors covering all your needs from Electrical, HVAC, & Handyman services. Plus, with a project admin like me on the team; :-P. We hope to hear from you soon Ocean County. Give us a call 732-232-1647 or hit us up on this page for anything. Stay safe and be well.