In the world of Home Services, we have to make sure everything is covered. That means even with little details such as measurements, permits & diagrams. Example; we are working on a home in Toms River at the moment for plans for a future project. We originally were going to be installing a roof ventilator. We got the permits ready and working on the diagrams. Then, the customer needed to change the plan. So, that not only requires adjustment for the permits, the diagrams but also the contract between our company and the customer. The original estimate & invoice to be altered and agreed upon and to make sure it shows all the changes correctly in the permit process. This way we can assure it will be approved to go through with the construction once the state allows it to do so. This is a very important concern but luckily efficiency is one of our best qualities here! Dave makes sure everything is done right and competently. He cares about the overall experience with the project for the customer. Just hit us up on this page or call us at 732-232-1647 for any questions or starting of a new project. Ocean County stay safe and be well.