For some who aren’t aware. My name is Tina and I’m the Project Admin for JCM Home Services. But, do you know what is it that I do? Let me give you a little breakdown of the process. So, a customer gets in contact with our company because they have a home project they want to start. For example, we have a project to start in the future to install. So, the contractors are the ones who perform the service. The management/owner are working with the customer in regards to paperwork and financial aspect of the project. But, the Project Admin is the one for the background. I file the permits, zoning permits, all legal paperwork regarding the project with the township. It requires detailed information from the property, the owner and the project itself. So, for the generator, I would need to obtain generator specs, module info, house flow calculations, etc. A lot of different permits go into a project like a generator. Once those are filled out; all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted, then we submit them to the township. Usually, I mail it or if it’s a local location, drop it off myself to the township construction office. Then, we wait to see if it is approved or not. Once approved, the customer either picks it up and pays the fee associated with it or they could arrange us to do that service in addition to the estimate pricing. Once that is done, I schedule the inspections. Make sure everything is in order as far as the final inspection. Then, all that’s left is the customer to enjoy their home completed. The reason why the permit process is important is because under the NJ Department of Community Affairs, you could face unto to thousands of dollars in fines along with delays of the service being rendered. This way, with JCM Home Services, you are covered with no worries. Contact us today if you are interested in a home project. Stay safe everyone and be well.