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Just when you feel like we have a grasp of this situation, things turn from bad to worse. Everything is on lock down in the state of NJ. We are all scared and anxious wondering what tomorrow brings. JCM is feeling the ripple effect of this all too. We are here for you Ocean County anyway we can. We want you all to be safe and healthy. We want to make sure your families are well and hopefully everything goes back to normal shortly.
Even in our office we have practiced social distancing; Rich, our Marketing Admin works from home, our faithful leader David A. Moss is the only one in the office now. I, myself (Tina), the Project Admin am working from home as well. The Contractors are all available for any and all projects but they are working completely alone not together at all in order to keep everyone safe. I know we can get through this. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to keep searching for it.