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So, this Coronavirus is no joke huh? All seriousness, our nation is facing an extreme turmoil at the moment. Many people are scared and understandably so. Today, as I work from home now, I reflect on the issues at hand. In Ocean County, New Jersey. We are on a state mandatory lock down. Which means, only type of travel allowed is essential situations, such as work (select essential businesses like JCM Home Services). Dave and the rest of the crew are working separately to insure everyone’s safety but they are available for any and all home service needs. While you are in the home you need help finishing a project like a remodel or fixing of something you put off before? Have an emergency like the electricity isn’t working or the furnace is acting up? Call us at 732-232-1647 or on this website just select the type of job you need and complete the form. You can also contact me for any questions or assistance at I know this is a hard time but remember we are Americans. We are strong, we are resilient, we can make it, we shall overcome. Positive thoughts for everyone everywhere in our great country. Stay safe.