Yesterday, on 03/10/2020, we made history. We had our first meeting as JCM Home Services! If we could have, we would have recreated the scene from 300; “This is JCM!”. Hahaha. All seriousness, it was a great day. Got to meet up with the whole crew. All the aspects of this growing company sat together, laughed, learned and listened. We filmed our first commercial together, went live yesterday morning with the beginning of our meeting. Enjoyed ourselves and got to discuss what we can do to reach all of Ocean County. It’s such a humbling feeling to work for a company you are actually proud of and look forward to going to work in the morning. Each week we will be having a meeting and we will be live for the beginning portion so any suggestions or any questions just make sure you check us out and we can answer for you. Also, we are doing a give away. Sue Nodes, from TomsRiver, just won the give away!! She won a free consultation up to 1 hour at her home with our crew. This Friday, we are doing a give away of a gift card. All you have to do is like & share our page, on the recent live link post make a comment of what kind of work you have been putting off in your home and what restaurant you would want the gift card from. Reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.